There’s always room for more music: Summer 2019

There have been so many great music releases this month, so here’s a post to update my Summer 2019 playlist.

Title: 멍청이 (twit)
Artist: Hwasa

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a song so r e l e v a n t it’s a bit scary. Great song regardless of how much it hits my heart!

Watch/listen here

Title: Judge
Artist: JERO

JERO’s been a long-time favourite, so it was great to get some new music from him!

Watch/listen here

Title: Cold
Artist: Se7en

I haven’t heard Se7en’s music in YEARS, maybe even 10 years? This one is self-composed and it’s so good!

Listen here

Title: Trip All Day (Feat. Moti)
Artist: JUNE

I thought this was a pretty cute song! Not very familiar with JUNE, but his agency uploaded a live video of this song too, such great live vocals!

Title: 내비게이션 (Navigation)
Artist: Hui (Pentagon)

Honestly, I’m really sad that I didn’t find this earlier. Very quickly made it into my best-of: all time playlist! (✧ω✧)

Watch/listen (live) here

Title: 별 (Little Prince)
Artist: Loco, Yoo Sungeun

This one is from the drama Memories of the Alhambra!
( ‾́ ◡ ‾́ )

Listen here

That wraps up my top tracks from December 2018 to February 2019. Excited to see what autumn has to offer!


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Sayonara summer: February at a glance

Second month of 2019 is pretty much done and dusted! It seems to have absolutely flown by (unmistakably the shortest month of the year) and I’m reaching a very important stage of my PhD candidature. This month has been pretty slow in terms of progress, but I have (guiltily) taken some extra time to chill out. I think it’s doing me some good, honestly, so let’s recap what’s happened this month:

Work-related achievements

  • Won the poster award at the local conference!
  • Submitted an important report for an upcoming milestone
  • Took some really beautiful photos on the microscope

Things I’ve watched

I made the mistake of getting Netflix and have fallen into an endless hole of sitcoms and kdrama.

The Good Place
I’d been wanting to watch this series for the longest time, so of course it would be my first pick after getting Netflix (≧∀≦)
Smashed through 3 seasons in record time too. What a breath of fresh air!

One Day At A Time
If you’re looking for something to watch that is equal parts hilarious and wholesome, look no further. Finally got around to finishing season 1 and completed season 2 just in time for season 3 to come out!

Memories of the Alhambra
This one was also a great choice. So nice to see a different concept like this and the plot definitely kept me on my toes.

Strong Woman Do Bongsoon
My first time seeing Hyungsik act and was not disappointed! Kung Fu Hustle meet Criminal Minds, this drama did so well balancing comedy and an intriguing plot.

Things I’ve read

I haven’t been very good with my reading this month. I had initially picked up The Color of Lies by C.J. Lyons but have since put it aside. I’m only about a chapter in, but I feel that it’s definitely written for a younger teen audience. It’s probably that now is not the right time for me to pick up a novel like this, so for now it’s shelved as on-hold.

I did also start Antigoddess by Kendare Blake, after having watched The Good Place and felt itchy to read something mythology. This one fits more with what I needed to read at the time rather than The Color of Lies, but then managed to get distracted by Netflix. It’s definitely not unusual for me to cycle through reading-watching-playing different things, so I will come back to this eventually!

Things I’ve listened to

While backtracking music, I came across 내비게이션 (Navigation) by Pentagon’s Hui. I’m a huge fan of Wanna One’s Energetic, which is also one of Hui’s songs so it made sense to look for more! This one was a great find.

And of course, MONSTA X dropped their comeback album We Are Here, full of quality songs. Definitely MX style and the B-sides are incredible too!

Some fun things

  • Worked an easy cover shift at my tutoring job and had a nice lunch with a friend from work
  • Caught up with the girls from high school over a night in with pizza
  • Felt alive again after doing an exercise class I haven’t done in around a year and released what “no pain, no gain” means
  • Celebrated the completion of 2 PhDs in our lab!

Things I’m looking forward to in March

  • Getting over this confirmation milestone so I can move on with my life
  • (Getting over this confirmation milestone so I can start a new drama)
  • Getting started with this pilot study so I can move on with my life
  • Putting in some applications for some important programs/events!

We’re about to officially step into autumn, but ironically the 1st of March will be a toasty 37°C… Hopefully the weather is a bit kinder, and may we all have an enjoyable month!


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